“The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary.” Isaiah 50:4

I’m an introvert. Put me in a room with three or more people, especially people I don’t know, and I may not say a word for hours. The good news is, if you need someone to listen, I’m a good person to call.

But don’t let the silence fool you. I have a lot of thoughts, thoughts shaped by an early life that never should have happened to a child, years of searching for healing, years of trying to find my significance, years of trying to find my voice. I’m an education junkie: I have a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology, and master’s degrees in business administration and theology, and I would sign up for a Ph.D. program in a heartbeat if I knew which direction I wanted to commit to. My later years in corporate training and organizational development were punctuated by stints as a grief counselor, hospital chaplain and hospice chaplain.

There’s a lot of hard-earned wisdom here. I hope some of it is helpful.

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